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YONEX ZR-100 Badminton Racket (Blue)

: Yonex

YONEX ZR-100 Badminton Racket (Blue)

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YONEX ZR-100 Badminton Racket (Blue) High String Tension 35 LBS with Durable Grade Badminton Racket. Yonex Voltric series is considered as head heavy series combine with Try Voltage System which enables players to get maximum power without losing up the speed. (Tri-Voltage system enables the frame to be developed in such a way so that it get maximum airflow while maintaining the racket weight at the top side of the frame.).

YONEX now introduces the new racket in Voltric Series (YONEX ZR 100 ) which used the High Modulus Graphite in frame material. this high-grade material improves the overall strength of racket and offers the ability to sustain higher string tension. With this new innovation, YONEX ZR 100 can sustain up to 35 lbs string tension. With higher string tension and power of Tri-Voltage System, Player can smash the shuttle with power and higher speed.

This racket manufactured with high modules durable grade graphite material which is design to sustain higher string tension. This Racket is belonged to head heavy series which is designed to delivery fast powerful badminton smashes. The racket is manufactured with advanced material called as Nanometer DR. This material is normally used is the aviation industry to achieve high strength with minimum possible weight. With Nanometer DR, the player will get maximum repulsion and strength.

Yonex used tungsten Infused grommets at racket frame. This type of grommets works as self-lubricant in nature and offers a smooth journey of string through the grommets. This helps in better control on the shuttle. YONEX ZR 100 is equipped with state of art YONEX Tri-Voltage Technology, which enables the player to get maximum power without losing the racket speed.

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