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YONEX Voltric FB Badminton Racket (Green/Black, Unstrung)

: Yonex

Lightweight racquet that provides a solid feel and excellent power.

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YONEX Voltric FB Badminton Racket (Green/Black, Unstrung) latest Voltric series racket in the year 2017. It's Yonex Voltric FB. Earlier FB racket was launched in Arcsaber Series which was lightest rackets (79 gms). Being as Flash boost series racket Yonex developed Voltric FB racket in 79 gm & its series and weight make this racket standout in complete Voltric range. Developed with Tri-Voltage system, Yonex Voltric FB is all newly featured racket for attacking game.

Improved Tri-Voltage System is developed for offering two-fold benefits. More Power of Smashes: As racket is developed on head heavy configuration so it offers more power on smashes. This will help in generating more swing and movement on shots. Yonex used innovative frame design concept which includes a re-engineered frame section at the lower and mid area. Due to re-engineered frame design, Air resistance reduced significantly which eventually helped in fast racket swing.

With the help of fast racket swing, the player now can place fast drop smashes, fast drive shots, accurate cross corner drop shots. Further, to improve the control and to reduce the vibrations, Yonex first time used the damping device at the upper part of the racket frame. This new feature reduces the racket vibration happened due to shuttle impact and offer a soft feel to the player. With this, the player can effectively & accurately place the controlled shots. Yonex Voltric FB is lightweight (79 Gm) racket but it offers attacking play style. Its shaft is developed with a stiff configuration which gives fast and quick repulsion for the player.

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