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Wilson RF Legacy Tennis Balls (18 Can)

: Wilson

Wilson RF Legacy Tennis Balls (18 Can). Comes in Cans with 4 Balls each.

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Wilson RF Legacy Tennis Balls (18 Can) Introducing the roger Federer legacy ball. The first professionally designed ball with every spec tested and approved by Roger. Built for speed and control, this ball integrates new logo technology and a versatile felt for all court surfaces. Enclosed with a signed letter from Roger himself.

Designed and tested by Roger Federer himself, the RF Legacy 4-Ball Can offers players a premium quality ball that will play well on any court surface. Made to ensure consistent excellence on the court, these balls are made of durable felt and feature the RF Logo.

Included in the 4-ball can is a letter written by Federer explaining the importance of introducing such a premium option. Spark a legacy when you pop open this special can of balls crafted by one of the greatest players in our sport.

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