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STAG Official Table Tennis Rubber

: Stag

STAG All Round Rubber is Chinese Technology at its best. This rubber has tremendous speed suitable for all round attacking players. 

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Playing a game and playing it well are two different things. If you choose to go with the latter, STAG Official Table Tennis Rubber is what you should be buying right away. Handcrafted under the careful supervision of professional players, this rubber is made of quality material that stands firm on strength and durability.

The all round bat is made of fine rubber and a wood handle. The grip is strong and allows powerful shots. The body has a wider sweet spot for hitting accurate shots. The blade is extremely powerful and sturdy that would help you put your best show forward. Stag Official TT Rubber is specially designed for players looking to steal the game. For serves and strokes that show much skill, this bat has a blade that enhances performance.

  • STAG Official Table Tennis Rubber is a very fast rubber with superior spin characteristics. Close to the table or in the half-distance, you will experience duels spin against spin as in the past with freshly glued toppings.
  • Perfect for the beginning player and those relying on variation of speed and spin to force errors from the opponent.
  • Improved durability and excellent ball control.
  • It is designed with a longer lasting top sheet and a somewhat more noticeable amount of grip and spin and outstanding control.
  • It is made from top quality material which offers you durable performance and outstanding control in shots.
  • Slower and controllable in the short game, good placement and pace on medium shots, and power on solid shots.

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