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STAG Ninja Fire Table Tennis Rubber

: Stag

Stag Ninja Fire Rubber is the result of European technology at its best. It has excellent speed and spin.

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STAG Ninja Fire Table Tennis Rubber is specially made for European Technology which will provide you Excellent control and spin. It is more suitable for attacking and offensive style of plays. This type of rubber will give you good control and it also helps to develop your stroke. Stag Ninja Fire Rubber is more flexible and highly resilient.

Ninja Fire has Pips-in Rubber which will offer you high-level reaction and high friction. The speed of the rubber is 92, spin is 92 and the control is 72. This rubber thickness is 2mm. It is equipped with the latest technology which will provide you more sponge in rubber. The top surface thinner pimple rubbers will give you extra space and enhance the control of rubber. This rubber is easier to play and give you great feel without loss of high speed and spin.

  • STAG Ninja Fire Table Tennis Rubber impresses with its precision at rallies at the highest tempo level. Despite its powerful catapult effect and unsurpassed dynamics, you can feel the ball perfectly, giving you the feeling of previous speed-up times. Thanks to sophisticated technology, this new high-end rubber coating gives even hardtop spins a much longer length - despite a high arc. Spin-optimized, high-precision high-end coating, Performance-oriented offensive players.
  • Great speed, enormous rebound, with excellent spin and speed characteristics. A concentrated demolition.
  • It provides extreme spin rotation which improves the delivery of strong offensive stroke play.
  • Very fast Rubber, easily Controllable and a great Feel, with excellent Ball Control.
  • It offers noticeably greater acceleration whilst retaining its outstanding spin and speed characteristics, making the latest trend.

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