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STAG Championship Table Tennis Rubber

: Stag

STAG All Round Rubber is Chinese Technology at its best. This rubber has tremendous speed suitable for all round attacking players. 

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This STAG Championship Table Tennis Rubber is designed for intermediate to advance TT Players. This model is designed with a lightweight and well-balanced ply which gives superfine control to players.

It is easy to handle racket which will provide you fast racket handling and you can perform quick forehand shots. With this TT Rubber, the player will get maximum power, control, and spin. It has a good quality rubber sheet on both sides that lets one spin more and hit faster.

  • STAG Championship Table Tennis Rubber is a versatile rubber which is equally effective for controlled play close to the table and for the classic defensive game. Good control and the ability to impart a lot of backspin can be achieved with this rubber well away from the table. This type of rubber will give you more durability has also been increased.
  • It develops extreme dynamics when playing slightly off from the table.
  • It is designed to give you excellent control over ball and players can perform better topspin and half distance play. 

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