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Dunlop Precision Ultimate HL Squash Racket

: Dunlop

Dunlop Precision Ultimate squash racket offers a lightweight head construction with a perfect balance. The structure of the Dunlop Precision Ultimate is made of premium graphite, which helps offer the players more power and control.

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The Dunlop Precision Ultimate squash racket offers additional control and maintains excellent manoeuvrability. The racket has a 16 x 19 string pattern, which enhances the power of the racket.

Hyper Fibre

Dunlop Precision Ultimate has a re-engineered frame. The Dunlop franchise has integrated Hyper Fibre Technology in the Precision Ultimate, which assimilates ballistic fibres in the specific areas of the racket. Dunlop Precision Ultimate comes up with the 2 and 10 o’clock position, which helps boost the toughness of the racket.

The Hyper Fibre Technology also helps allocate the weight in the upper section of the ring, which provides the racket with more power and an additional swing. Dunlop Precision Ultimate squash racket offers more durability and increases the control of the racket.

Hybrid Cross Section

The Dunlop franchise incorporates another sophisticated technology in its Precision Ultimate squash rackets called the Hybrid Cross Section, which makes sure to provide the rackets with more power as compared to its predecessors. The Hybrid Cross Section Technology also ensures that the players do not lose control while keeping the comfort and durability of the Precision Ultimate racket intact.

CX Grommets

Dunlop Precision Ultimate offers more head speed and manoeuvrability thanks to its pocketed grommets and extra aerodynamic cross section that the Dunlop franchise has incorporated in the hoop of the racket.

Aero Profile

The Aero Profile feature ensures to provide Dunlop Precision Ultimate squash racket with a smaller cross section in the hoop of the racket, which makes sure that it cuts through the air more rapidly. The Aero Profile feature provides the racket with more elastic power as compared to the rackets with traditional beams.

Glide Polymer

Other than providing the Dunlop Precision Ultimate rackets with more power, the Gide Polymer technology enhances the durability of the racket as well. The polymer matrix of the Dunlop Precision Ultimate rackets also increases the life of the grommets by up to 40%.

All things considered, the Dunlop Precision Ultimate racket provides the squash players with more confidence to attack the ball and dominate the game on the court.

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