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Dunlop Hyper Fibre XT Revelation 125 Squash Racket

: Dunlop

Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 is a lightweight squash racket with 125 grams of weight and offers a perfect blend of the power and manoeuvrability. The Egyptian professional squash player Nour El Tayeb plays with the HyperFibre XT Revelation 125.

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The Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 comes up with a thicker aero beam that enhances the power of the racket. Besides, it has a larger head size that adds more control.

HyperFibre XT Technology

The Dunlop franchise has integrated HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 with HyperFibre XT Technology, which boosts swing weight of the racket. The HyperFibre XT gives the Dunlop Revelation 125 racket explosive power that helps the player dominate the court. Besides, the franchise has incorporated HyperFibre XT material at the 2, 6 and 10 o’clock positions, which enhances the durability of the racket.

Tapered Shaft

The tapered shaft of the Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 provides the racket with exceptional resilience and makes the overall construction of the racket robust.

CX Max Technology

The Dunlop franchise has also integrated CX Max Technology in the Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 racket, which in conjunction with the streamlined aerodynamic profile creates a larger Sweet Spot of the racket. The CX Max Technology boosts the confidence of the players with its explosive power and enhanced control.

Glide Polymer

Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 has the Glide Polymer that contains micro beads to reduce the friction and improve the string movement. Besides, the Glide Polymer helps enhance the shelf life of the grommets and makes the racket more durable.

Parallel Strung

Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 has the parallel-strung grommet holes, strings and pegs, which together with CX Max Technology, enlarges the Sweet Spot of the racket and offers more power and spin.

Aero Skin CX

HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 has the shark-like skin Aero Skin CX technology, which makes the surface texture of the racket smooth and helps the airflow passes through the racket efficiently.

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