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Dunlop Hyper Fibre+ Revelation Junior Squash Racket

: Dunlop

Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation is a lightweight squash racket that provides the players with maximum power and comfort. The Dunlop franchise has use premium quality of graphite in the making of the HyperFibre+ Revelation, which makes the racket robust and durable.

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Hyper Fibre

The Dunlop franchise has re-engineered the frame of the racket and integrated Hyper Fibre ballistic fibres in the racket at the 2 and 10 o’clock positions, which allocates the weight in the upper section of the hoop. Consequently, it boosts the power of the racket and offers the players the ease of swinging. The Hyper Fibre ballistic fibres also enhance the robustness of the Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation.

HyperFibre+ Revelation racket boosts the confidence of the players while hitting the ball as it provides them with greater control and resilience.

CX Max

Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation has the concave internal cross section along with the aerodynamic profile, which in conjunction with one another, increases the length of the main strings and provides the racket with excellent aerodynamics. The enlarged portion of the main strings encourages larger Sweet Spot, which ultimately, enhances the accuracy and power of the HyperFibre+ Revelation.

Flight Geometry

The Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation has the renovated pentagonal geometry incorporated in the shaft of the racket, which provides it with the multi-directional aerodynamics. It helps cut through the air and makes the racket swing faster.

Aero Skin CX

Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation Junior has the engineered surface texture that makes the airflow smooth. It also helps reduce the drag of the racket as much as 35% as compared to other rackets that have non-textured surfaces.

Glide Polymer

The HyperFibre+ Revelation Junior has the Glide Polymer Technology, which increases the power of the racket and makes it more durable. Glide Polymer Technology also increases the life of the grommets by up to 40% as compared to other traditional rackets.

Tapered Shaft

The Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation Junior has the conical tapered shaft, which makes the structure of the racket firm and resilient. It also provides the racket with improved energy return, which consequently, enhances the overall power of the racket.

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