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Dunlop Hyper Fibre+ Revelation 125 Squash Racket

: Dunlop

Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation 125 is 125 grams of a weight squash racket, which offers an additional resilience as the Dunlop franchise has re-engineered it into 2 and 10 O’clock positions. The HyperFibre+ Revelation 125 is an ideal racket for the players with attacking game style.

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Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation 125 is a highly engineered racket, in which the Dunlop franchise has integrated a few sophisticated technologies. HyperFibre+ Revelation 125 offers supreme power as the racket is equipped with the frame aerodynamics.

Besides, Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation 125 has an engineered texture surface that makes the airflow of the racket smooth. The textured surface also reduces the drag of the racket as much as 35% than other conventional squash rackets with the non-textured surface.

Dunlop HyperFibre+ Revelation 125 has the Glide Polymer matrix, which strengthens the grommets of the HyperFibre+ Revelation 125 racket. The polymer matrix also makes the racket more durable.

The Dunlop franchise has incorporated modernized pentagonal geometry in the shaft of the HyperFibre+ Revelation 125, which provides the racket with more speed. The integration of the updated pentagonal geometry gives the racket multi-directional aerodynamics, which helps cut through the air even quicker.

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